Empowering Young Futures. Preventing Recidivism.

We are here to guide and support first-time youth offenders, redirecting their energy into positive, productive pathways. We help them build a brighter future for themselves and contribute positively to society.

Education. Support. Entrepreneurship.

How might our world be different if more young males had access to quality education and support, helping them avoid involvement in the justice system?


What We Do

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Our mentorship program is a critical support system that fosters positive growth and development. We provide a safe space for young men to navigate the complexities of life, build confidence, and explore their potential. Through guidance, encouragement, and shared experiences, mentors can help young men develop crucial life skills like communication, problem-solving, and decision-making. Additionally, mentors can serve as positive role models, demonstrating healthy masculinity and responsible behavior. This can be particularly beneficial for young men who may lack strong male figures in their lives, creating a foundation for future success and positive contributions to their communities.

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Parental and Spousal Coaching

Our personalized coaching program empowers parents and spouses to navigate the challenges of young males. In a personalized setting, parents can explore individual concerns and seek guidance tailored to their unique family dynamics. Through collaborative exploration, active listening, and skill-building exercises, we equip parents with effective communication strategies, positive discipline techniques, and emotional regulation tools. This personalized support allows parents to confidently manage behavior, nurture healthy relationships with their children, and foster a positive and nurturing family environment. Ultimately, our 1-on-1 coaching empowers parents to become more confident and effective caregivers, fostering a foundation for strong family bonds and a thriving household.

About Our Founders

The Hickmans--Shawn and Holly are the Co-founders and visionaries, utilizing their combined respective experiences to establish Learning-Healing Institute, Inc, that with ONE unifying purpose—to restore and enhance male youth (13-17 years of age) with redirection in an alternative residential educational facility.


Who is this program for?

This program is designed for young men (ages 13-17) seeking positive mentorship and guidance, and parents who want to better navigate the challenges of raising them.

What topics are covered in 1-on-1 parent coaching?

Our coaching sessions will address a variety of topics, including communication strategies, positive discipline techniques, emotional regulation tools, setting boundaries, and navigating specific family situations.

How is the program tailored to individual needs?

Both mentors and coaches take individualized approaches. Mentors connect with young men based on their interests and needs, while our coaches tailor sessions to address specific concerns and family dynamics.

What can I expect to achieve through this program?

Young men can gain confidence, direction, and valuable life skills. Parents can develop stronger communication and build a more positive and nurturing family environment.

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